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The fact that carefully selected essential oils can work wonders is probably no surprise. However, you have not tried yet such a panacea for all the troubles of even most demanding skin! Become a real trendsetter and explore your new ally in the fight against skin ageing - lifting Revita Perilla oil!

Perilla oil is something you can always count on! It is a product that is reliable even in the most demanding situations. Find out for yourself!

Strongly lifting and revitalising, perilla oil has one of the largest antioxidant potential of all known vegetable oils. This is a traditional secret of Japanese women, renowned for its flawless complexion. Let it also be your best friend in the battle with the passing time!

This unique oil improves the oval of your face and makes your skin intensely hydrated, firm and vigorous.

Due to its extremely broad spectrum of action, Perilla oil is ideal for use in cosmetics - even in case of most demanding sensitive skin.

Revita Perilla oil as well as other evrēe® essential oils’ technology was created to fit present times and adapt to the current, fast lifestyle.
It is multifunctional, extremely easy to use and is quickly absorbed.

Discover Revita Perilla face and neck oil!