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Perfect figure is not for granted, it must be earned. The key to the success is a comprehensive action: diet, exercise and proper care.

With SUPER SLIM modeling body oil you will activate not only your skin, but also awake your senses and willingness to work! And your body will be grateful for you doing so!

What does it contain and how does it work?

Concentrated POLYPLANT Algae Seaweed Complex™  stimulate cell metabolism, helping to reduce cellulite and water retention in the body. Perilla oil, known for its unique firming and elasticising properties improve the tonicity and elasticity of the skin. Grapefruit oil, apart from its anti-cellulite properties, lightens scars and stretch marks. Chili accelerates the micro-circulation under the skin, enhancing the action of the formula.

Why algae have been chosen for this oil?

Algae are very rich in active ingredients such as mineral salts or alginic acid. Mineral salts contained in the algae, above all iodine, accelerate metabolism and increase osmotic exchange. It leads to the elimination of water from the tissue and reduces the residual fat. Alginic acid is highly moisturizing and detoxifying. With carefully selected active ingredients this body oil is complete and has a very broad spectrum of modeling action

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